Ploutizo Consulting Limited

Chief Technology Officer

With his training as a computer scientist, Promise Banks brings technical expertise to every venture. Currently, he consults in real estate and develops websites while also serving as the Creative Director of Takver Corporation – a dynamic digital agency empowering visibility and revenue growth for companies across Lagos and beyond.

In his real estate consultancy, Banks forges key partnerships with prime players to facilitate wealth generation for clients through strategic property investments. And as a seasoned web developer, he has significantly moved the needle for companies spanning sectors from immigration to health, corporate affairs, fashion, real estate, and e-commerce alike.

Under Banks’ creative direction, Takver Corporation has rapidly expanded its global footprint by helping individuals and brands unlock their digital potential. His sharp technical skills paired with an innate understanding of human connections allow Banks to boost both the capabilities and visibility of those he works with. He approaches every relationship and project with the same commitment to empowerment through innovation.